Saturday, July 18, 2015

Natural Mosquito Repellent Using Lavender Essential Oil

Did you know that West Nile Virus spread by mosquito's is on the rise again this summer? The reports I have read mention that the insect repellent sprays and lotions you buy at the store are not working to prevent mosquito's from biting us. Not only are the repellent sprays and lotions not working, but they are loaded with toxic chemicals that can make you sick and disrupt your endocrine system. I can't believe we are putting that spray or lotion on our children!!!  Lavender Essential Oil is safe to use on children and is 100% all natural! Mosquito's hate the smell of lavender, but you can smell good while you repel those pesky mosquito's.
Now I have tested the use of Lavender Essential Oil as a mosquito repellent personally myself. A week ago, we had company over. We were sitting outside talking and enjoying the summers cool evening breeze and feeding the mosquito's. Everyone was getting attacked by mosquito's ( they love me!) I went in the house and grabbed my lavender essential oil and dabbed it by my ears, on my wrists, and on the back of my knee. I then passed my beloved bottle of Lavender essential oil around to my guests to apply to themselves. Immediately the mosquito's stopped attacking all of us! We sat outside for several hours after applying the lavender essential oil and didn't have to reapply it once.
Bonus benefit is that if you forgot to put on your lavender essential oil before going outside, and get a mosquito bite, you can apply lavender oil to the bite to stop the itching and swelling. Lavender essential oil will heal the bite faster because of the anti inflammatory and disinfectant properties.

Other benefits of lavender essential oil are:
eliminates nervous tension, pain reliever,anti-fungal, stops pain from sunburn and takes the redness away,  disinfectant, enhances blood circulation, treats respiratory problems, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, bug repellent, stops headaches, helps you fall asleep, helps depression issues, clears acne, balances hormones, heals digestive problems, reduces puffiness under the eyes and dark circles, helps stop seasonal allergy attacks, heals wounds, and so much more!

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I will be posting about the other benifits of Lavender Essential Oil in the future along with many other essential oils and their benefits. Make sure you stop back again to learn more about essential oil benifits!